Big milestone, big loss

Friends, today is the day that all 23 threads that comprise the Now See Hear project are live on this website. That’s wonderful. The 23rd thread contains the items that have sprouted, so far, from the seed song I See Jesus by Ric Taylor. What’s very sad is that Ric did not live long enough to see what his song inspired. I, your humble webmaster, put off publishing the thread because I wanted it to have at least five items, so as not to seem skimpy when compared to the other threads.

I guess I learned my lesson, big-time. I held off putting art out into the world, and while I waited, one of the artists passed away. (This happened in December–just weeks before I published this thread.) I’m sorry Ric didn’t get to see the page that you’re able to see, and I realize now that art shouldn’t wait. Thanks for your contribution, Ric, and for all the seeds of joy you planted in everybody you came across.

A memorial tribute concert will be held for Ric in Tarzana, CA on February 4. I’ll be there. Details below.