Welcome to the Now See Hear project

This is our ever-expanding site. It’s always under construction. Watch out!

Now See Hear is a project of FAR-West (Folk Alliance Region West). We use art to inspire music and storytelling. And we use storytelling and music to inspire art. It’s like a game of telephone that goes on for years! We got the idea from something we heard on NPR long ago, now lost in the fog of memory.

If you’d like to see how it works (there’s a flowchart and everything), click here. If you’d like to see a short video explaining the project (it’s got famous people in it, so it’s worth a look), click here. If you’d like to contact us for more details or to join the project or to scold us about anything, click here.

Above: photo of artwork by cqcreations, San Francisco Bay area. Top of page: previsualization of sculpture by John Cessna, Kansas City area.

Acknowledgements: The land on which this site is edited, and where the collection of artworks is kept, is the traditional territory of the Kizh and Tongva peoples. Mike McCornack, as well as contributing to Now See Hear as a songwriter, taught me everything I know about creating a website and continues to help maintain it. He’s cool.

Music. Art. Repeat.